Uganda: Pader Technical School Term 3 Ends

May 21st (2021)

The Pader Technical School in Uganda was founded in 2011 and has since educated over 995 students. This school is a polytechnic school that trains students in skills such as fashion and garment design, building and construction, building and concrete, agriculture, computer science, automotive mechanics, and carpentry and joinery.

On May 21st, term 3 closed and the students finished their exams. Prior to the term’s finalization and as these students continued their education in term 2, they participated in extracurricular activities such as a staff vs. student football (soccer) game in which the teams tied! The games and sports gave the students an outlet to exercise and have fun. Along with the sports, the students also joined the staff in interceding for the school, the school’s funders, the country office, and the country of Uganda during their chapel services.

We are so proud of these students and the diligence and growth that they continue to demonstrate. Despite the plans to start the new school year on June 7th, Pader Technical School was unable to open its doors due to the national lockdown. The school will resume once the restrictions are lifted.