Uganda: Community-Based Orphan Support Program Check-In

November (2020)

The Community Based Orphan Support Program (CBOSP) continues to care for children who have been orphaned within the community. There were many challenges that these children faced earlier in the year as COVID-19 prevented the children from meeting with mentors and attending church. This caused mental and emotional challenges for the children. After the government eased the lockdown restrictions, the mentors were able to get in touch with the children again. Overall they have stayed well and those in candidate classes have now enrolled back in school. Each child had their school fees paid for which gave relief to their caregivers. As the ALARM staff visited the homes to ensure that the children are healthy and behaving, the report was overall good. One of the primary concerns was the need for food for the caregivers and children within this program. ALARM was able to provide these homes with food that would ensure the children ate at least twice a day. The children were very grateful after this distribution took place. In November, the ALARM staff held a meeting with the children to discuss how they were doing, how they have been affected by this program, and their desire to continue being a part.