Uganda: Bundibugyo Leaders Conference

April 14th – 16th (2021)

ALARM Uganda was invited on April 14th – 16th to partner with the Charismatic Episcopal Church to train 60 leaders in the Bundibugyo district on Servant Leadership, Women’s Rights, and Trauma Healing. Edward Mumbere, an attendee, shared his testimony after attending this conference – “This has been a very impactful conference which has changed my thinking. I got a new perspective on leadership and I have learned that a leadership position is to be used for the good of those who are led and not to serve the leader to meet his personal needs only. A leader should have an outward mindset that looks out for the needs of others and looks at people as human beings and not objects to be used. It was also very enlightening to know about women’s rights and the laws regarding property ownership and property inheritance, especially for women. Many women are suffering, having their properties taken away from them because both men and women do not know the law and how it protects women’s rights. The trauma healing topic was so helpful and many people need to know more about how to deal with the traumatic events that have happened in their lives and are affecting them. We need more of this training in this region”.