Tanzania: The Ebenezer Women Economic Empowerment Savings Group

2021 Update

Muslims make up 95-98% of the Zanzibar population and because of religious beliefs and ties, violent conflicts between Muslims and Christians have escalated. As both Christian and Muslim community members co-exist with one another, it is critical that these religious relationships are strengthened. As ALARI Zanzibar (ALARM Tanzania) has worked closely with community leaders and those who are most vulnerable, there has been a shift in the relationship between Muslims and Christians and as a result of the work of ALARI Zanzibar, communities are beginning to experience unity, peace, and reconciliation. 

The Ebenezer Women Economic Empowerment Savings Group was founded in November 2019 and exists to equip and empower the participants in entrepreneurial and business development skills along with the necessary skills to participate in the savings group. As a result of these efforts, 30 of the project beneficiaries have received small loans to start income-generating activities. Because of this group and the businesses that have been started, these women continue to progress in their business and personal finances, there has been an increase in their savings rates, and the relationship between Muslim and Christian community members has strengthened. As these women meet together each week, they discuss their finances and business ventures and they pray together for ALARI Zanzibar, the local churches, and those that have touched their lives by contributing to this project. As this group continues to equip women, it is becoming evident that it is being used as a tool to reach the Muslim community. This group is transforming lives and is initiating peace and harmony amongst religions.