Tanzania: Integrated Community Mobilization Program

September 5th–9th (2020)

ALARM Tanzania held an Integrated Community Mobilization Program in Shinyanga, Tanzania. The churches that are a part of the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) have worked to engage communities and church members in addressing poverty as a cause for GBV. These churches invited ALARM Tanzania to provide support in capacity building and to raise in-house human resources through the Training of Trainers (TOT). As ALARM Tanzania trained this community, they engaged primarily with women and youth who are the largest population affected by GBV. 13 trainees attended this 5-day program and were trained in community microfinancing, entrepreneurship, and servant leadership. As a result of these trainings, 8 microfinancing groups formed (30 members each) and for the last 12 weeks, the members have saved a fraction of their income in order to create loans to be used for entrepreneurial ventures. As these groups meet once a week, they discuss finances, GBV, faith-based issues, and environmental care issues.