Sudan is a 50-year old country that has been ravaged by civil war for 2 decades. The country has faced violence of all types which has led to loss of life, insecurity, disease, displacement, destruction, theft, bombings, kidnappings, rapes, and the deprivation of many more human rights. ALARM started serving the church in greater Sudan in 2000 in the midst of the second decades-long civil war and continues to commit to building the Church in Sudan and working between people of all religions to implement interfaith dialogues for peaceful coexistence.


  • 5,800+ people have been served by ALARM Sudan
  • 2,650+ individuals have been trained in leadership by ALARM Sudan
  • 1,400+ people have benefited from the ALARM Sudan Peacebuilding, Justice, and Reconciliation Programs (of these, 600+ Muslims, Christians, and community leaders have been trained in interfaith dialogue for peaceful coexistence in different states of Sudan)
  • 1,700+ individuals served by the ALARM Sudan Community Transformation Projects (of these, 1,200+ Darfurian women and children have been assisted and 250+ Primary & Secondary Christian Education Teachers from different regions of Sudan have been trained in government approved Christian religion curriculum)

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