Sudan: Sudanese Denominational Leaders Retreat

May 16th–19th (2021)


Since a transitional government took over in August 2019 after 30 years of autocratic rule, Sudanese Christians have tasted freedom for the first time. No one is certain that these freedoms will last. When the three years of transitional government expire, anything could happen in Sudan, which does not have a history of democracy. Because of these uncertainties, church leaders must act now.

Between May 16th and 19th, ALARM partnered with the African Strategic Discipleship Movement (ASDM) to hold Sudan’s first-ever Denominational Leaders Retreat. This event was implemented to unite church leaders of all denominations so “they may be one so that the world will know and believe” (John 17:21). 25 denominational leaders in Sudan attended this retreat under the 4 primary objectives to (1) heal and reconcile the wounded Sudanese Church, (2) unite Christian leaders in Sudan and establish a common ground for the Church in Sudan, (3) prioritize the need for discipleship that addresses personal intimacy with Christ, the family, and the local church, and (4) pray and discuss the challenges that the Sudanese Church is facing and how to move forward despite these challenges.

In their time together, these participants attended sessions covering a wide variety of topics that focused on strengthening and unifying Sudanese church leaders. The primary topics included forgiveness, reconciliation, love, unity, and a personal discipleship that addresses the deep wounds and gaps in our lives.

As the leaders reflected on their time at the retreat, the participants realized (1) how they were previously harming the Church with their self-interests, (2) some of their weaknesses in leading the church community, (3) that because of poor leadership, self-interests, hatred, and the love of power, the Church was falling apart, and (4) that only through forgiveness, reconciliation, and love can they be united and together build a stronger Church in Sudan. The Sudanese Denominational Leaders Retreat was the start of a first ripple that needs to continue to multiply and expand.