Sudan: Church Planting and Expansion Program Session 1

November (2020)

In November, a Church Planting Training was held for pastors and church leaders from different denominations. This training challenged the participants to change their perceptions of spiritual life and spiritual formation. After this training, many of the participants reported that they received transformation and deliverance as a result of their attendance. One of the participants, shared his testimony after the training was completed. “I was planning to make a fatal mistake in my life. Myself and a group of young people were about to leave the church, to separate from our local church because we were upset from our leader’s behaviors, but the Lord willed me to be a part of this training. This training destroyed my negative intention, thoughts which was to separate from the local church. Session after session, I found myself negligent towards the local church, then I realized that I was supposed to be a supporter to the church instead of being a destroyer.” We thank God for testimonies like this and that this training was used to convict, strengthen, and develop Christians in their relationship with God, one another, and their local churches.

*Note: “Church Transplant Conference” is an improper translation of “Church Planting Conference”