Sudan: Christian Religious Education Committee

March 18th – 19th (2021)

Over the years, Christian students have faced the problem of Christian Religious Education (CRE) because it has not been permitted to be taught in schools in Sudan. There are no teachers to teach Christian students and there are no CRE manuals, curriculums, or teachings to be used as guidelines for them. This led Christian teachers to volunteer their own time to support the children by giving them private lessons in Christian Education on the weekends. These teachers do not have enough knowledge and need support to build their CRE teaching skills. Before ALARM, these teachers could not find resources to help them learn how to teach CRE. After ALARM implemented the Christian Education Teachers Training, some of those who attended the sessions formed a committee that focuses on the Christian Religious Education program in Sudan. On March 18th-19th, this committee held its first meeting to plan and strategize for the next 2 years of training volunteers to become CRE teachers.