South Sudan: Women’s Leadership Conference

November 1st–4th (2021)

On November 1st–4th, 82 women gathered together for a Women’s Leadership Conference. This conference was held in partnership with Fellowship Bible Church. The main objectives of this conference were to equip the women in entrepreneurial and business skills, educate the women on the importance of participating in the village savings loan association, and encourage the women spiritually. 

“My heart is bursting out with the joy of hearing these sweet teachings. What has been killing my business was the lack of market research for my products, and the networking as well as giving up easily when my business is not moving well. I have learned today a lot about business tips, and I am prophesying that my business is going to progress well to the next level and will even be doing the delivery service as well as networking in collective business with others. Above all, it has touched my heart that business attached with God prospers; dishonesty has been killing many of our businesses. It is by the grace of God that you have rescued many of us.”