South Sudan: The Lietnhom Primary Health Care Center Update

2nd Quarter (2020)

The Lietnhom Primary Health Care Center successfully raised supplies for the first and second quarters of the year and is still in progress. This project is a partnership between ALARM, CompassioNow and the Lietnhom community. With the funds that CompassioNow and ALARM have raised, they were able to buy medicine, other medical supplies, and equipment that will enhance the accessibility of medical services and treatments to members of the community who were otherwise unable to access medical services outside of the community. During the 2nd quarter, 1,136 patients were treated, 497 of which were children. In addition to the treatment, awareness was created in regards to COVID-19 which allowed the participants to learn the precautionary measures to take to protect themselves from spreading the virus.

One of the beneficiaries, Achingath, testified after being treated through the ALARM clinic –  “I have been sick for a long time and I came to the Lietnhom clinic twice but the doctor told me that I have malaria and typhoid and there are no drugs for my treatment…I went back to my house to wait for my death because there is no money at all. Worse still, my child was sick too, and then I ended up with no hope. One of the evenings, my neighbor came and told me that ALARM staff had brought drugs to Lietnhom clinic this morning. So, my people God is great, I took the drugs for seven days together with my child and all of us now feel recovered and happy. Without these drugs I would have been in a bad state with my child as well”.