South Sudan: The Lietnhom Primary Health Care Center Update

2nd Quarter (2021)

The Lietnhom Primary Health Care Center (PHCC) is a Health Service Delivery project implemented in partnership between the Lietnhom community, ALARM, and CompassioNow.

During the 2nd quarter of the year, 5,752 patients were medically treated, 65 received counseling, 502 received prayer, 98 received encouragement to take medicine, 140 were sensitized in community sensitization, and 213 received the Gospel Message.

“We are very happy to receive these donations especially the six mattresses. This is a great gift from CompassioNow and indeed, it is my first time after more than twenty years to witness such a special gift to our community. It is very rare nowadays for NGOs to donate such kind of supplies. It’s 20 years now since some state NGOs visited our PHCC in Lietnhom and promised to bring mattress to the facility, and failed to fulfill their promises, but today we thank ALARM and CompassioNow for their tireless effort that has seen the health care facility get such donations. This will go along the way to wipe our tears and grieving, and as a community we pledge that from now and on we’ll take ALARM as closer friend indeed, as they continue to empathize with our needs. May the Almighty God, bless you to continue this wonderful work of supporting vulnerable communities around the World.”