South Sudan: The Keeping Girls in School Project

2021 Update

It’s estimated that 90% of women in South Sudan are poor and illiterate. Due to 21 years of conflict and unrest, many women and girls have been robbed of their right to an education. Girls who are not educated have a higher chance of getting married early and are limited in their job opportunities. 

ALARM South Sudan initiated a girls education empowerment project in 2016 and is currently working alongside 6 schools to educate girls on hygiene, adolescence, the effects of early marriage, the Word of God, counseling, and how to use reusable pads. As these girls attend these meetings, they are also given reusable pads, soap, and panties. 600 girls have been impacted by these sanitary gifts. 

ALARM believes that educating girls is one of the most strategic things you can do to contribute to a community’s transformation. As ALARM works alongside schools to provide girls with an education, statistics are changing.