Tanzania: Gender-Based Violence Program

December 30th (2020)

In December, ALARM Tanzania partnered with the Student Center to hold a Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Program. Statistics show that 85% of all girls who undergo GBV drop out of school and marry early. GBV also causes a higher risk of contracting HIV and/or causes other fatal medical issues. The intent of this program was to train secondary school students to become ambassadors for GBV within their communities and to contribute to the National Plan of Action to End GBV against Women and Children. Through community dialogue, advocacy campaigns, and other trainings, this program was able to provide the community with an alternative “rite of passage” for girls to enter into womanhood that is both culturally acceptable and safe. During this 16-day program, the staff held an awareness training on GBV to the parents of the 250 children, facilitated a training for the 125 leaders in the Kitunda Ward, facilitated a 10-day training for the 30 GBV ambassadors (secondary school students) and publicly awarded the ambassadors with a certificate in front of 300 people that was also broadcasted on the media.