Rwanda: The Burera Food Production and Education Project Update

3rd Quarter (2020)

The Burera Food Production and Education Project is continuing to provide food security to vulnerable families and is also fighting against malnutrition and poverty within the community. Despite the fact that Burera is one of the most fertile areas in Rwanda, it maintains a high rate of child malnutrition and poverty due to the single-parent families headed by women or young family members. The goal of this project is to provide 20 women-headed households with a piglet to rear in their families. As the pigs reproduce quickly, they will provide food security for these women and their families in addition to providing these households with a form of income generation. Chantal, pictured below, reported – “I have been poor all along hardly feeding my 4 children prior to joining the ALARM Burera Food Production and Education Project. We used to go for days with empty stomachs. I am now employed in this ALARM project. I can feed and have a healthy care for my whole family. And today I am overjoyed with this gift of a pig which will increase my income. I will make sure to give my neighbor a piglet and to invite her to join our local women cooperative.” As these women receive their pigs, they are also educated on pig rearing and agriculture to equip them in their business.