Rwanda: “Seeds of ALARM” – IWE Alumni Small Business Venture

October (2021)


3 IWE (Institute of Women for Excellence) graduates who were previously sponsored by ALARM and partners for their studies have come up with the idea of fighting against poverty through income generation by starting a small business called “Seeds of ALARM”. Seeds of ALARM has been running for a couple of months and has already generated a small profit which is especially impressive for a recent start-up! As these women generate income, they are removing the burden off of their families and are able to pay rent and buy food. After receiving the first portion of their funding, these women have paid for 3 months of rent and have purchased some of the basic items needed for their shop. Because this market is competitive, it is important that Seeds of ALARM offers a wide variety of products to sell so that customers are attracted to their store. As these girls strategically plan for the future of their business, they have mapped out a list of items they plan to buy, how much they will sell them for, and the total profit that they will earn once they sell the items. “We are confident that it will be good and we will achieve our goal of development. We will work hard and also if we get enough investment, we can increase the products in order to satisfy our clients”