Rwanda: Cyimbili Health Center Update

2nd Quarter (2021)

The Cyimbili Health Community Service Project is a partnership between ALARM-Rwanda, CompassioNow, and the Cyimbili community. The objective of this project is to increase the quality of life of the Cyimbili community by improving the healthcare service delivery systems at the Cyimbili Health Center (CHC).

During the 2nd quarter of the year in Rwanda, there was and still is an increase of COVID-19 cases. Because of this crisis, the CHC staff mobilized and taught the community about ways of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 25 cases of COVID-19 were reported and attended to at the CHC. In addition to the above COVID-19 response, the CHC conducted diagnostic tests and offered other services to the Cyimbili community.

A total of 31,718 community members were impacted by the Cyimbili Health Center in the 2nd quarter of the year. Out of this total, 5,674 were medically treated, 8,678 received diagnostic services, 10,282 received an awareness training for COVID-19 and other diseases, 4,950 received counseling, 582 children were vaccinated, and 1,552 received the Gospel Message.