Rwanda: COVID-19 Staff Relief

February 23rd–24th (2021)

ALARM Rwanda provided COVID-19 relief to the former ALARM staff that was let go due to the financial hardship of 2020. These individuals were previously seen in their communities as well off because they made a salary that gave them a monthly income. After being let go, they were left vulnerable with no other means of survival. ALARM provided these 6 beneficiaries with food and 6 months of rent. This meeting was special for both the former and previous staff. In this time, the individuals reconnected and encouraged one another. One of the former staff members reported, “this comes as a surprise. I view ALARM as a family. I am glad to be back and to feel at home in ALARM. Your love and this support prove it. We were traumatized since the event of the COVID-19 pandemic having a negative effect on our whole life. We turned hopeless and desperate. This support makes us smile again. Thank you for being mindful of us. We thought you forgot us. I appreciate ALARM and its supporters for such a human heart, for such an act of love and compassion, for such a gesture to demonstrate a concern for those who are badly affected by Covid 19″.