Kenya: The Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods Project Follow-Up

February (2021)

The Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods program in Kilifi County impacted 256 beneficiaries throughout its 8-month duration. This is a “pass-it-forward” model so that from the ripple effect, more people will be impacted. During the project visit and monitoring stage, ALARM conducted a 3-day trauma awareness and recovery seminar in which 60 women and 2 men participated. Grace, one of the participants of this seminar, shared her testimony after attending the trauma healing session – “I am a widow and I have four children. It is tough being a widow but I thank God since He has been upholding me. Thank you ALARM for the teachings you have been providing to us. Particularly the teachings on trauma. I have been having unhealed trauma but I didn’t know. Now with these teachings, I have been helped. The teachings on forgiveness have been beneficial to me since I was a person who wasn’t quick to forgive. With the knowledge acquired, I am going to teach others on trauma and forgiveness, who are like me. Thank you teachers and I pray that God gives you a long life. I even asked God why He didn’t bring ALARM earlier since I have been a widow for ten years and I would have handled the trauma earlier.” It is testimonies like Grace’s that remind us of how critical the work of ALARM is. Because of the great success of this project, ALARM Kenya is planning to replicate it in other areas where there is need.