Kenya: Poverty Reduction Project in Malindi

August–September (2021)

ALARM Kenya seeks to transform communities through the Poverty Reduction project in Malindi. This project started in February 2021 and exists as a partnership between ALARM and Excellence in Giving. The key objectives of this project are to provide psycho-social support through trauma healing for 50 widows and women living with physical disabilities and to equip 50 vulnerable women with animal husbandry skills and the provision of goats to be used for income generation. The project has a pass it forward model implying that the first goat kidded from every animal provided by the project is returned to the group in order to be passed forward to another vulnerable woman in the community.

In August and September, ALARM Kenya, in partnership with Excellence in Giving, expanded the Poverty Reduction project in Malindi to impact more community members. Prior to this last phase, 142 goats were distributed to the community and 300 beneficiaries received aid from ALARM through trauma healing and the donation of the goats. After this last phase was completed, an additional 63 women (with 378 household members) received 142 more goats and 70 women leaders received trauma awareness knowledge and skills. 132 women are now actively saving and using the savings for small business loans!