Kenya: Pastoral Leadership Training Institute Session 4

November 30th–December 4th (2020)

The Pastoral Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) trains pastors and church leaders in Biblical, theological, leadership, and reconciliation principles and practices while cultivating pastoral skills and encouraging an expansive love of God and others. The program seeks to achieve ALARM’s goal which is to strengthen and empower the African church by equipping the untrained leadership with basic pastoral skills and ministerial tools. Our passion is to enable the African leaders to develop Biblically based churches that are spiritually vibrant and whose message is culturally relevant, ministering to the whole person and bringing hope and healing to the hurting communities.

The Pastoral Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) held its fourth session in December 2020 for 42 participants. This session provided the participants with training on Biblical interpretations and how to effectively prepare and deliver God’s word. This PLTI cohort has 8 more sessions before graduating from the program.