Kenya: Kenyawa Women Leadership Training

August 23rd–25th (2021)

Despite the background in leadership training that some of the Maasai women have, there is a gap in culture and levels of education that hinders Maasai women from being confident leaders in ministry. The women of the Maasai community have expressed a need for knowledge and training in leadership and Christian ministry. 

In response to this need, ALARM Kenya met with some key women leaders in June to discuss women leadership and how they could best serve this community to enhance their ministries. From August 23rd-August 25th, ALARM Kenya brought together 55 women leaders for training. During their time together, the women were equipped with knowledge and skills in ministry, stress management, trauma recovery, Biblical interpretation, and becoming vessels of honor. As the training came to a close, these women reflected on all that they learned and expressed sincere gratitude for the skills and training that they received. 

ALARM Kenya strategically plans to continue to empower these women. There remains a need for further training in Biblical interpretation, ministerial leadership, adult literacy, business skills, and other invaluable topics.