Kenya: Animal Husbandry Training

May (2021)

ALARM Kenya continues to minister to vulnerable community members in Kilifi County. In May, ALARM held a 3-day training on animal husbandry for 60 beneficiaries. These beneficiaries included widows, disabled individuals, caregivers of disabled children, pastors’ wives, and other vulnerable community members. These women come from all backgrounds, denominations, and religions. It is so encouraging to see women of differing faiths, working together to find prosperity. During the next quarter of the year, 42 beneficiaries will each receive 2 does and 1 buck to rear for income generation. One of the project beneficiaries, Alice, said – “I have learned much from this training. Firstly, the different types of goats. There are those for meat only, for milk, and both for meat and milk. I have also realized I can actually store feeds for my animals and sell also to others”. As these women learn about the basics of animal husbandry and business, they are empowered to start income-generating activities.