DR Congo: Women’s Leadership Training Institute Sessions 1-2

April 5th-9th; July 5th-9th (2021)

The Women’s Leadership Training Institute (WLTI) is a 3-year program that exists to train and empower key women leaders in Biblical theology, leadership, ministry, and life knowledge and skills for Christian service in their churches and communities. As these women leaders are trained, they are equipped to become agents and models of servant leadership, peacebuilding, justice, reconciliation, and community transformation.

From April 5th-9th, 27 women leaders attended the first training of their program and in this training, they were taught the Bible Survey covering the Old and New Testament. From July 5th-9th the women attended their second training and were taught Biblical doctrines.

As these women continue to deepen their faith and expand their knowledge, they are becoming well-equipped leaders who will strengthen their churches and communities.