DR Congo: Water Project Update

3rd Quarter (2020)

ALARM DR Congo, in partnership with Water Is Basic, continues to provide access to clean water throughout the DR Congo. This water project continues to prove that as water tanks are built and filters are distributed, there is a direct decrease in disease and an increase in the number of women who can focus on agricultural activities and children who can attend school. Not only does the water project ensure that communities are able to receive clean water, but it also drastically impacts the economy and well-being of the community as a whole. One of the beneficiaries reported, “we used to fetch water in Kibati, 3 hours by foot from Kanyanja village. But since we got the tank, we no longer suffer for the collection of water”.

In May, ALARM DR Congo was able to serve 60 of the 102 households in Kanyanja village who were in need of filters and buckets. One of the beneficiaries expressed her gratitude to ALARM and shared that this project has enabled the community to become closer with one another and has encouraged the community to look past any pre-existing differences that they have with each other. The community recognizes the importance of loving each other and sharing with those still in need in order to ensure the well-being and safety of the entire community.