DR Congo: General Youth Conference

October 1st–2nd (2021)

On October 1st-2nd, ALARM DR Congo facilitated a General Youth Conference to develop young leaders to understand their impact on families, churches, and nations. As Reverend Theo, the DR Congo Coordinator of Servant Leadership taught these youth, he referenced young Biblical characters and how they demonstrated bravery, trust in God, and hard work. Reverend Theo also taught these youth about the cycles of poverty and what habits and patterns are important to be aware of as they grow older. On the first day of the conference, 236 participants joined and on the second day, the number doubled with a total of 465 participants who attended!

The future of these nations is in the hands of the youth and it is ALARM’s priority to ensure that these young leaders are properly equipped and educated with the tools to become effective leaders in their communities.