Burundi: The Women’s Leadership Training Institute Session 1

April 5th–6th (2021)

In April, ALARM Burundi held a WLTI (Women Leadership Training Institute) training for 20 participants. The purpose of the WLTI is to train and empower key women leaders with Biblical, leadership, ministerial, and life skills so that they are equipped to become servant leaders in their churches and communities. The training in April introduced the women to the 9-week course and in this time they were guided in how to carry out the upcoming activities and trainings. Through the WLTI trainings, they will learn course material, prepare and teach other women in their churches, organize groups of women for economic empowerment projects, and will be evaluated in their progress along the way. We are so excited for the weeks to come and can’t wait to hear the testimonies of all that God does in the lives of these women over the next several weeks.