Burundi: The Good Shepherd Medical Clinic Construction Update

4th Quarter Update (2020)

The Good Shepherd Medical Clinic is in the final stages of construction with the hopes of beginning to take in patients sometime in 2021. The vision of this clinic is to integrate development initiated and managed by the community. The activities of this clinic will include community mobilization, community health, and family mentoring. There are currently 3 buildings that are under construction but the clinic will need more buildings to meet the basic requirements for starting to receive patients. Once the clinic is up and running, there will be an operating room, lab, staff accommodation area, meeting room/chapel, emergency department, reception, laundry room, and kitchen. Right now the community only has one hospital in the region and oftentimes the patients have to travel a long way away to reach it which can be concerning for critical patients. The most urgent needs for this clinic include the completion of the construction, purchasing more hospital beds, and purchasing medical materials and equipment.