Burundi: Fight Against Corruption Police Training

December 2nd – 4th (2020)

In the beginning of December, ALARM Burundi partnered with the Christian Police Association of Burundi to hold a training that focused on empowering policemen to fight against corruption within Burundi. Globally, corruption is the most essential issue that undermines the efforts of governments to tackle the most persistent problems within communities such as health, sustainable economic development, poverty, etc. Through this training, ALARM Burundi’s mission was to empower the police to fight corruption. The goal of this training was to bring the police closer to people through good deeds, demonstrate what it is to be a Christian policeman, promote Christian leadership as an influential player in fighting corruption and evangelize to the policemen and their families. The training promoted social cohesion and political tolerance, brought a common understanding of the role of a Christian leader, and during the visit at the school that trains judiciary police, many accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. In addition to the visit to the policemen in training, there was also a visit to the prison where many prisoners gave their lives to Christ and were encouraged through the Word of God. Participants from all sectors left committed to working together in fighting against corruption and more specifically in fighting crimes that violate human rights.