Burundi: The Pastoral Leadership Training Institute – Final Course

August 23rd – November 27th (2020)

The Pastoral Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) has continued to train and equip pastors to lead their communities through servant leadership. The current class of PLTI participants joined together for their 5th course entitled, Christian Spirituality: The Process of Transformation. In this course, the participants were trained on how to explore spiritual health, practice spiritual disciplines, and love God and others deeper while fulfilling their purpose here on Earth. The objective of this course is to develop a Biblical understanding of Christian spirituality, explain the elements of salvation and need for spiritual transformation, articulate the faith journey and use it as a tool for communication, and develop disciples of Jesus. After completing the learning portion of this course, each participant was required to prepare two lessons to teach in the local church. This hands-on experience allowed the participants to enhance their skills in applying examples and personal experiences to their teachings while also learning how to respond to questions that were asked after they finished teaching in the church. After this phase was finished, the participants went through a couple weeks of reporting their work and discussing amongst each other their experiences and what they have learned through this course. This training not only helped prepare these pastors for effectively teaching in the local church but it also gave them an opportunity to connect with other local church leaders and members of the congregation. These 36 participants together trained about 2,340 people in one week (35 youth and 30 adults each). We are so proud of this class of PLTI participants and how they have expressed a willingness to learn and grow as pastors.