Who We Serve


Polictical violence, acts of genocide, unrest and tribal warfare have caused many Christian missionaries to flee central Africa. It was estimated that more than 70% of Rwandan pastors were killed or forced into exile during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The national pastors who were left alive after the genocides were left with little or no Biblical or theological training to lead the African church. As a result traditional beliefs and practices are often presented alongside biblical truths. Worse still, many of the pastors serving in the more remote villages have no Bibles (or may have one Bible that they are forced to share among 30 to 40 people) yet they are expected to disciple and lead their congregants. ALARM addresses the need for pastoral leadership training by organizing conferences, workshops and seminars on theology, Bible study methods, discipleship, evangelism, church planting, servant leadership, conflict resolution, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Community Leaders

ALARM’s impressive track record and experience in training church, women and youth leaders has attracted the attention of government officials, police force personnel, teachers, health care practitioners, lawyers and even judges; groups of individuals who represent various ethnic tribes, political interests, religions, and communities. In order to achieve real transformation across east and central Africa, ALARM believes that grassroots community leaders must be part of the process. ALARM is constantly being requested to train more and more community leaders in the concepts of servant leadership, justice, human rights awareness, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, mediation, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Women & Children

In Africa, the women are responsible to raise the children and instill values and knowledge in them. If a child grows up in an environment where hate and revenge are taught, they will grow up and express these values in their community. But if the mothers are trained in peacebuilding, forgiveness and reconciliation, the children will learn these values as they grow and live in peace in their communities. So the children are one of the beneficiaries of the woman’s learning. ALARM empowers the African women and children through training and equipping them with skills and tools in leadership, peacebuilding and reconciliation, discipleship, health & hygiene, and economic empowerment.

Emerging Leaders

Many young men and women in Africa have been unable to complete secondary school because of war, economic hardship, or the need to care for younger siblings. Because of their limited education and a lack of skills, they have difficulty finding jobs. Their idleness makes it easy for them to be enticed to join rebel groups or gangs, or to become prostitutes. ALARM brings together young people from different denominations and tribes to form small groups for discipleship, leadership development, church formation, and vocational training.