Who is ALARM?

ALARM stands for African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries. We are African led and African based. We develop servant leaders who reconcile relationships and transform communities.

Our Mission

ALARM develops servant leaders in the African Church and community who reconcile and transform lives affected by conflict and injustice.

Our Method

We train and equip African leaders, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to rewrite the stories of African families, communities, and nations. 

Our Motivation

Being reconciled to God—through Christ—motivates us to empower African leaders to be agents of forgiveness and reconciliation in their communities. 

Our Vision

The vision of ALARM is a strong biblical church in Africa transforming and reconciling communities.

Our Core Values

  • Christ-Centered in our being and doing. Honoring Christ through prayers, service, faithfulness, and gratitude.
  • Cooperative in ministry valuing relationships and partnerships that are diverse and creative in their approach to solving Africa’s complex social and spiritual problems.
  • Faithful in our stewardship of the people, talents, gifts, and resources that God entrusts us with.
  • Trustworthy as servants of the Lord in word, deed, and conduct.
  • Respectful of our cultural differences and valuing one another as individuals while promoting open communication, innovation, personal growth, and organizational excellence.

We are:

  • Convinced that without strong pastoral leadership in Africa, the church will remain superficial, syncretistic, and without true transformation, spiritual growth, and maturity.
  • Committed to empower the Church in Africa by equipping pastors and leaders to nurture others in the Christian faith for the holistic transformation of their communities.
  • Church-Focused with a heart for leadership, evangelism, and discipleship in the local church, and preparing God's people for works of service wherever they find themselves.