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Rwanda is a small country in East Africa with a tumultuous history. In the wake of the 1994 genocide, Rwanda was left in ruins physically, socially, and economically. ALARM was founded in Rwanda in 1994 with the vision of raising up future Rwandan leaders to reconcile the Rwandan people and be equipped to rebuild their country.

ALARM in Rwanda

The Rwandan genocide was the context out of which ALARM was born. The 20 years since the genocide have brought more death, destruction, suffering, and trauma in Africa. ALARM’s trauma healing training started in response to the Rwandan genocide, a tragedy that occurred in part because the Rwandan Church failed to maintain its voice by calling Rwandans to repentance and offering forgiveness for historical sins.
Rev. Celestin Musekura, who was born and raised in Rwanda, felt a call from God to establish ALARM and train a new generation of leaders in theology, Biblical studies, discipleship, reconciliation, and forgiveness. His vision, and the ongoing vision of ALARM, is that reconciliation through Christ transforms believers into agents of reconciliation from Rwanda. From Rwanda, the vision has expanded to the other seven countries in East and Central Africa.


Contact:  To contact the ALARM-Rwanda office, email

Rwanda Country Director:  Liberata Mukandekezi


*Each ALARM country office is a separate legal entity and operates outside the control of ALARM U.S.