Republic of South Sudan

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On July 9, 2011, the Republic of South Sudan became the world’s newest country as it gained a long-awaited independence from the Republic of Sudan. Since the end of colonialism in 1956, Sudan had suffered decades of civil war with more than two million dead.

ALARM in South Sudan
Due to years of war between the Arab North and the Christians and black South, there has been no evangelism and church planting in the South Sudan until 2005. ALARM is training evangelists and church planters from many villages in remote areas of South Sudan where some of the tribes have not been reached by the gospel.
Training of pastors is essential in South Sudan, where decades of war have prevented pastors from receiving even the most basic training in theology and skills to help them grow and lead their congregations. The effectiveness of ALARM’s work with pastors and church leaders is testified to by other organizations, most notably the Anglican Church in South Sudan, which selected ALARM to train its bishops in peacebuilding and trauma counseling in response to the most recent round of violence in South Sudan.
In addition, ALARM provides training in leadership and reconciliation to key leaders, including government officials, traditional chiefs, women’s civil society leaders, teachers, and police officers. ALARM has developed a holistic community development strategy involving microfinance groups that strengthen social bonds and teach skills. 

ALARM-South Sudan

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South Sudan Country Director:  Rev. Peter Garang Deng



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