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Kenya, a country in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa, covers 581,309 square kilometers and has a population of 44 million.
Kenya has been one of the most stable countries in Africa for decades. That is why the post- election violence that rocked the country in early 2008 was so surprising. Anger and resentment among different tribes had simmered beneath the surface, and one event caused it to erupt into violence that left thousands dead and many more maimed and homeless.

ALARM In Kenya

ALARM has been active in Kenya since the ministry was established. Nairobi is home to the ALARM Kenya Office as well as ALARM’s Africa Regional Office, which coordinates efforts of the other seven countries where ALARM serves.
Since early 2008, ALARM’s work in Kenya has been heavily focused on reconciliation. ALARM has trained top country leaders, church leaders, women leaders, and community and tribal leaders in Biblical forgiveness, reconciliation, and peacebuilding. ALARM has continued to train pastors, with a special emphasis on equipping pastors on the east coast of Kenya to deal with religious radicalization, which is prevalent in many regions of the country.

ALARM Africa Regional Office

Contact:  To contact the ALARM Africa Regional office, email

Vice President for Programs and Development:  Athanase Ndayisaba


ALARM-Kenya Office

Contact:  To contact the ALARM-Kenya office, email

Kenya Country Director:  Sammy Linge, Ph.D.


*Each ALARM country office is a separate legal entity and operates outside the control of ALARM U.S.