D.R. Congo

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DRC, formerly Zaire, has a vast amount of natural resources. As various rebel groups vie for control of these resources, the country has engaged in seemingly unending conflicts and wars, leaving six million dead and millions more with physical, mental, and emotional wounds. Rape is routinely used as a weapon of war to terrorize and destroy communities. It is estimated that as many as 48 women are raped every hour in DRC--many of them multiple times. For this reason, it has been called the “rape capital of the world.”

ALARM in D.R. Congo

Congo pastors from eastern Congo and especially in North Kivu Province have been subjected to unimaginable atrocities against their families, villages, and congregations since 1998, when the Rwanda government began to pursue and fight with Interahamwe militia who were using the Congo to attack Rwanda. Recent wars involving M23 Rebels displaced thousands of people in northern Kivu, including the highly fertile area of Masisi, which was the breadbasket of the whole region.  ALARM offers trauma healing conferences to mitigate the aftermath of these atrocities and bring healing to all who are hurting.
Training of Christian lawyers, police officers, judges and human rights activists is bearing fruits with a decrease of rape.  Local pastors and Church and community leaders are being trained in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, good governance and forgiveness.

ALARM-D.R. Congo

Contact:  To contact the ALARM-D.R. Congo office, email info@alarm-congo.org

D.R. Congo Country Director:  Marie Jeanne Munanga Hamuli  


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