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Landlocked in Central Africa, Burundi is slightly smaller than the state of Maryland and has a population of 8.3 million.
Burundi has suffered from a series of tribal-based wars that have raged off and on since 1972. Some of the worst violence occurred in 1993 and the following years, when more than 200,000 people were killed and another 200,000 displaced. Since 2004, there has been relative peace, but Burundi faces the formidable tasks of reviving a shattered economy and forging national unity. The need for leadership development and reconciliation in Burundi is as great as in the other countries ALARM serves.

ALARM In Burundi

ALARM is working hard to make sure church leaders are equipped to disciple their congregations, help them heal from the trauma of war, and plant new churches. ALARM has also had the privilege of training Burundi’s police and army officers. This is instrumental for the country’s future, because the government melded together nine rebel groups to make one national army and one police force. The need to learn to work together, to forgive each other, to deal with a civilian population, and to become models for the community is critical. Through partnership with different Churches, ALARM completed the first phase of ALARM Chadwick Center for Reconciliation which houses ALARM Burundi Office and training facilities.


Contact:  To contact the ALARM-Burundi office, email info@alarm-burundi.org

Burundi Country Director:  Rev. Sophonie Ngendakuriyo




*Each ALARM country office is a separate legal entity and operates outside the control of ALARM U.S.