Women’s Peacebuilding & Human Rights Awareness

Through years of working with grassroots communities in east and central Africa, ALARM has found that for peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts to be sustainable, they must specifically target women. While conflict in Africa has left no-one un-scathed, women in Africa have undoubtedly been the most severely impacted in times of war, as well as in the aftermath of conflict. Rape, torture, sexual slavery and forced impregnation have become rampant in some parts as weapons of war; women have witnessed the torture and death of their husbands and family members, and the torture and abduction of their children. In addition, conflict has resulted in the erosion of social and moral norms and values, resulting in increased abuse and marginalization of women through forced prostitution, female genital mutilation and domestic violence. In spite of all this, these same women bear the greatest burden in sustaining and rebuilding societies during and after conflict. They must find ways of providing for remaining family members, caring for their children and bringing up the generation of Africa’s future. As a result, women are often the most motivated to push for an end to conflict, initiate the process of forgiveness and work towards peace and reconciliation.

ALARM trains women leaders from government agencies, human rights organizations, churches, and faith-based and community-based organizations in the roles of women in peacebuilding, community peacebuilding strategies, conflict resolution, forgiveness, reconciliation, mediation, human rights awareness and advocacy; empowering them to take on greater roles in community peacebuilding and reconciliation. These women are equipped to train other women at the grassroots level; teaching them skills to manage conflict in their homes, advocate for their rights and negotiate property and business matters for the well-being of their families. ALARM’s goal is to develop a large network of women peacemakers who are equipped to play an active role in creating a culture of peace in their communities while defending and advocating their rights and dignity.



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