Institute of Women’s Excellence (IWE)

We believe that when you invest in the education of vulnerable girls, not only will lives be changed, but entire communities can be transformed.
The Institute of Women’s Excellence (IWE)—located in Rwamagana, Rwanda—was founded by ALARM Rwanda in 2006 to support a community whose young women were in crisis. Due to the Rwandan Genocide in 1994 and the scourge of HIV/AIDS, many girls in the community had lost one or both parents and were in desperate need of hope, healing and education. In just a few short years, ALARM has established a thriving high school for 72 young women to develop spiritually, emotionally and academically. Despite the unspeakable trauma and poverty they have experienced, these young women now dream of becoming pilots, doctors, teachers, singers and even the president of their country!
IWE offers us ALL an opportunity to not only invest in a young woman’s education, but to impact a future community and nation in Rwanda.