Transform Communities

“An empty stomach has no ears…”

The church has long been divided as to how to bring transformation to the world. Historically, many church leaders and missionaries have addressed the spiritual needs of the communities they serve without addressing the social needs. It is the conviction of ALARM that we holistically minister to the needs of the communities we serve.

As we seek to develop and empower African leaders and reconcile communities, we impress upon them the need to holistically serve their communities. Some of the initiatives that ALARM is committed to include education, economic empowerment, health education, communication, human rights and community development. Using a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach whenever possible, ALARM equips community leaders with the skills and tools needed for each to teach another 10 to 20 individuals in their communities.

Because our ministry is African led and carried out by local leadership, ALARM is in a unique position to respond immediately to crises on the ground. If the community we are serving is facing famine, ALARM will collaborate with friends and partners to first address the immediate need for food. If people in the community we serve have been tortured and raped from years of war, ALARM will collaborate with friends and partners to provide trauma healing. If the people we serve have no skill to improve their economic condition, then ALARM will teach them vocational skills. As we strive to address people’s basic human needs and show God’s love for all people, we can effectively introduce communities to the principles and skills of leadership and reconciliation.

Holistic transformation is at the core of the ministry — helping people develop and grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. ALARM believes Africa’s problems can be solved by Africans, with the help of friends and partners across the globe who are committed to walking alongside the people of Africa as they strive to achieve their own vision of peaceful, productive, and prosperous communities. ALARM sees the person as a whole: body, mind and spirit. Any meaningful transformation must address the whole person. Our holistic ministry seeks to address these other areas that may hinder the process of peace and reconciliation.