Health Promotion

One of the most accurate indicators of the state of a community is the actual health of its members. ALARM serves some of the most marginalized communities in the world. Basic health and sanitation are significant concerns. Malaria, HIV, and diarrhea devastate the regions. Family planning is rarely discussed. In some communities, women are encouraged to have as many babies as possible. Women die at an alarming rate in and after childbirth. Infant mortality is so high; parents often wait days or even weeks to name their children. Sadly, when these children do die, there is not even a record of their life.

ALARM recognizes that church and community leaders need a basic command of health and hygiene as they are some of the most valuable resources for their communities. Pastors, women and community leaders are trained in the basics of hygiene, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other common diseases. Most importantly, these leaders are taught their role in advocating for victims of illness — including HIV/AIDS. ALARM’s local leadership and partners minister to these needs by holding training workshops on basic hygiene, health education, HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and response, malaria education, women and infants health, and midwife training for traditional birth attendants.

ALARM has partnered with other organizations to drill wells and teach water purification and hygiene. Partners in these efforts are Water is Basic and Living Water.

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