Government and Community Leadership Training

A large number of the problems plaguing many African countries can be traced back to poor leadership at a community and national level. In some instances, this poor leadership has been the result of greed and self-serving attitudes, whereas in others, it has been because leaders, especially those at grassroots level, have not had the training necessary to apply the principles of servant leadership. In the process of re-building societies after conflict, many of those who take up grassroots leadership positions have not had an opportunity to learn the skills needed to effectively serve and lead their people. As such, in spite of Africa’s abundance of natural resources, fertile land and millions of industrious, hard working individuals; many of its people suffer from poverty, hunger, unemployment, disease and hopelessness.

ALARM’s impressive track record and experience in training church, women and youth leaders has attracted the attention of government officials — both local and national, police force personnel, teachers, health care practitioners, lawyers and judges. As a result, ALARM receives numerous requests to train these and other community leaders; all of whom represent various ethnic tribes, political interests, religions, and communities. ALARM holds conferences and workshops focused on teaching the principles of servant leadership, good governance, justice, human rights awareness, peacebuilding, mediation, forgiveness and reconciliation. Using a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach whenever possible, ALARM equips community leaders with the skills and tools needed for each to teach another 10 to 20 individuals in their communities. ALARM firmly believes that Africa’s problems and challenges can be overcome by Africans effectively implementing their own solutions from the ground up, and therefore uses this approach to ensure sustainability and facilitate sharing of knowledge and ideas within the community, thus building the capacity of grassroots leaders to effect lasting change in their communities.

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