Educational Empowerment

One of the painful realities in many of the communities in sub-Saharan Africa is the lack of schools. Where schools exist, teachers are often ill-equipped and work on a volunteer basis. Because school is rarely free, families must choose which (if any) of their children will be educated. Boys are given priority. Girls are expected to marry and must often leave their families at very early ages contributing to health problems and minimal parenting skills. Illiteracy is a common reality and perpetuates the poverty cycle, especially in the marginalized populations.

ALARM realizes the need for leaders to be educated. As we work to educate pastors, women and community leaders in different organized programs such as the Pastoral Leadership Training Institute, Women’s Leadership Training Institute, and Christian Leadership Institute of Sudan, we are aware of the need for the education of the youth in some of the most marginalized communities we serve. Over half of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is under 18. The need to educate the leaders of tomorrow drives ALARM’s decisions regarding our partnership in educational empowerment.

Most commonly, ALARM supports widows and families who care for orphans and at risk children. These programs enable these families to not only care for the physical needs of these children, but also minister to their spiritual health while empowering their potential.

ALARM has partnered with the local communities and donors to develop opportunities for children (and in Sudan, adults) to attend schools where there are none.

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