ALARM’s work in East and Central Africa is focused in many communities where basic infrastructure is broken or even non-existent. Leaders and potential leaders in these regions lack the resources to learn and network with the global church body. With today’s technology, the world is able to communicate and network in ways that make the impossible, possible. We desire to empower African men, women and children to become literate, educated and able to realize their potential.

ALARM conferences and workshops impress upon the participants the importance of communication development to improve partnership and unleash opportunity for progress. In addition to education of church, community, and women leaders, ALARM has worked with partners to develop resource centers and cyber centers in needed regions.

Resource Centers

ALARM has resource centers in communities where pastors do not even have access to Bibles, much less other vital resources to develop their ministry in sound doctrine. Resources provided include Bibles, books, and educational videos among others. Such centers exist in Goma, (DR Congo), ALARM’s Christian Leadership Institute in Sudan, and Ndola, Zambia. If you have a particular passion for communication development or resources that would develop these efforts, you may contact ALARM US office at

Cyber Centers

ALARM is committed to empowering communities in ways that are self sustaining. In regions where Internet access is difficult, or even non-existent, we have worked with partners to develop cyber centers where community members can gain such access for a minimal fee; which helps to ensure long term sustainability of these centers. (link to ALARM news link on Cyber Centers in Lietnhom and Goma.) If you would like to contribute to these efforts, please contact the ALARM US office at

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