Advocacy & Justice

Many of the communities that ALARM serves are at great risk due to the lack of basic infrastructure. Intrinsic to the life of a community is its safety. Without a relative sense and reality of security, individuals are typically powerless to realize their potential. Women and children are especially vulnerable to the effects of war such as poverty, rape, violence, and displacement. This displacement results from both war and land grabbing. The role of the church is to be a voice for the voiceless, to exhort its members to be advocates for the marginalized in whatever capacity they are able.

At the core of the ministry is a passion for justice. ALARM works with lawyers and government leaders in Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo to help them understand their role in servant leadership and advocacy. These leaders are challenged and trained to become godly leaders in the roles they serve and work in as well as voices for the marginalized. ALARM’s curriculum for advocacy and justice is designed to enable them to implement God’s design for justice as well as challenge corruption where necessary.

In addition to working with lawyers and government leaders, ALARM is committed to empowering women and children by working with refugees, internally displaced persons, rape victims, victims of FGM (female genital mutilation), and other marginalized persons. Our local leadership works with groups to help them understand their dignity and worth. Local pastoral and community leaders are confronted with their responsibility to advocate for and empower those marginalized by poverty, gender, and age. Local women leaders are taught counseling skills, conflict resolution and mediation.

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