Developing Leaders

Leadership Development

Poverty, starvation, wars, HIV/AIDS and poor infrastructure are among many of the challenges plaguing Africa today — but none has been as detrimental and oppressive as that of poor leadership. Greedy, self-serving and corrupt leaders in Africa have long used positions of power to gain wealth, stir up tribal animosity and instill fear through murder, displacement, rape and torture. ALARM has answered the urgent call from the church and hurting communities by equipping and training church leaders, government and civic leaders, women and youth in the biblical and culturally relevant principles of servant leadership, good governance, mentorship, diversity appreciation and community initiatives.

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Reconciling Relationships

Peacebuilding & Reconciliation

A vicious cycle of hatred and revenge has resulted in Africa from tribal violence, civil war, political turmoil, and genocide. Many communities in eastern and central Africa live in a heightened state of distrust, fear and resentment. To address the issues of ethnic violence and tribalism, ALARM equips church leaders, government and civic leaders, women and youth with skills in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, mediation, God’s love for all people, forgiveness and reconciliation, human rights, trauma healing and social justice. As broken relationships begin to be reconciled and wounds are healed through biblical forgiveness, the cycle of hatred and revenge will be exchanged for communities of peace.

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Transforming Communities

Holistic Ministry

ALARM’s holistic ministry seeks to address dire social needs in the community that are a hindrance to the process of peace, reconciliation, and the development of servant leadership. Through economic empowerment, education, literacy, job creation, health education, justice and advocacy for the rights of the marginalized, and communication development, ALARM works with partners to address basic needs in the community and show God’s love for those we serve. In this way, ALARM is able to effectively minister to the whole person and bring hope, healing and reconciliation to hurting communities.

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