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Forgiving As We Have Been Forgiven

Following the Rwandan genocide, Celestin Musekura lost his father and other family members to revenge killings.  But then he heard God tell him to forgive the killers.  The healing power of forgiveness in his own life inspired him to work for forgiveness and reconciliation across Africa.

Greg Jones, author of Embodying Forgiveness, interacts with Musekura's story to show how people can practice forgiveness not only in dramatic situations like genocide but also in everyday circumstances of marriage, family, and congregational life.  Together they demonstrate that forgiving and being forgiven are mutually reciprocating practices that lead to transformation and healing.

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Restoring the Beauty and Blessing of Ethnic Diversity

The urgency and necessity to provide a tool to deal with the challenge of ethnicity is mission critical.  Because of the current realities of ethnic and tribal violence in East and Central Africa, its relevance and application is widespread.

The Africa Church and the Christian community must exorcise this "demon" of tribalism from African communities through biblical teachings and personal commitment to reconciliation.
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Seek Peace
In the early months of 2008, Kenya went through a horrendous experience of post-election violence that left over 1,300 people dead, over 300,000 living as IDPs and an entire nation badly traumatized from the after-effects of a flawed election process.  In response, Kenyan church leaders formed the National Alliance of Churches (NAC) with the goal as positioning the Church body strategically to deal with the crisis.
The guiding principle that motivated the development of the Seek Peace Manual was in response to the role churches and faith-based organizations in Africa could play to provide inner healing to those affected by war and conflict.
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Mentoring - A Remedy for the Leadership Crisis in Africa
One major crisis facing Africa is in the area of leadership, both at the political and ecclesiastical levels.  Considering the diverse challenges the the Church in Africa is facing today, Celestin Musekura and Faustin Ntamushobora outline how mentoring can become one remedy for the leadership crisis.
The manual is prepared for African leaders who are involved in the ministry but have not had any formal training in the area of leadership.
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An Assessment of Contemporary Models of Forgiveness
An Assessment of Contemporary Models of Forgiveness examines recent psychological and theological models of forgiveness and introduces the concept of communal forgiveness nurtured and mediated through the community of faith. The psychological models are generally individualistic in nature and are concerned with the psychological wellbeing of the victims. The theological models of forgiveness emphasize the importance of interpersonal forgiveness as a Christian witness in the imitation of God’s forgiveness. The foundation of the theological models is the Triune God who through the cross of Christ forgave the sins of the ungodly.
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NPR: Finding Peace After Genocide, Interview with Dr. Celestin MusekuraAqueduct Project:  Interview with Dr. Celestin Musekura
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