ALARM Kabuga Vocational Training Centre

ALARM Kabuga Vocational Training Centre in Rwanda was born as a result of responding to the needs of the street and orphaned children who are hopelessly living without education and other basic needs in life after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Students at the school are trained for 1.5 years in the areas of Carpentry, Construction, Electrical, Welding, Basic Mechanics, Basic Religious Studies, and HIV/AIDS Awareness. After their training is complete, they receive a certificate.

As of January 2010, 124 students have graduated from Kabuga Vocational Training Center. 43 students are currently enrolled.

95% of those that have graduated are working in the areas of Masonry, Carpentry, and welding in different areas of Rwanda.

The students believe that this Centre is a God given solution toward their future. “During vacations, we are able to carry out some electrical, welding and construction work and get bread out of it.”

The students are able to make tables and stools and other allied carpentry work (doors, windows, cabinets, etc.)

One of the students explains to others on how installation is down. He also reminds his fellow students to be very careful and avoid electrical shock because it is dangerous to their lives.

Testimonies of Students that have graduated:

Anatol NTIHABOSE is an orphan born in 1985. When he was hopeless and had no training or jobs, some one told him to contact ALARM. He was accepted and and got an opportunity to study welding, carpentry, and electricity and graduated in 2007. After graduation, he got a job doing welding. Anatol says, “This job is nice and out of it, I can buy food and am able to pay for a small house. ALARM is indeed parents to the parentless.”

Marino SERUSHOKI was born in 1984. He has only a mother, his father is dead. It was difficult for him to get an education because his mother could not afford his school fees. The Lord opened door for him to attend the ALARM Kabuga Vocational Training Centre. He pursued carpentry, welding, and construction and graduated in 2007.

Upon graduation, he was able to open a workshop where he is making beds, cupboards, chairs, tables and other allied carpentry work. From the income of his business, he was able to build his own house and assist family members who are in need. He plans to get married soon and trusts his business will keep taking care of his own family. Marino says, “I totally appreciate what God is doing in my life through ALARM.”

Theogene MUDAHERANA is an opharn born in 1977. He was unable to pursue high school because he couldn’t pay school fees. Being the first born, he was obliged to take care of his two brothers and one sister. Life was not easy. Miracurously, he joined ALARM Kabuga Vocational Training Centre and graduated in 2008.

Theogene pursued training in construction, welding and carpentry. After graduation, he started a brick-making business. He now supplies large orders of bricks for builders and is able to buy food for his family. This business helps him to support his brothers and sister. He is married and blessed with one child. The skills gained from ALARM Kabuga Vocational Training Centre allowed him to meet his family’s needs. Theogene says, “Surely, the Grace of God is sufficient. I always pray for ALARM.”

Vedaste NSENGIYAREMYE was born in 1986. He had no skills and no direction in his life. A graduate of ALARM Kabuga Vocational Training Centre told him that ALARM may give him a direction that he would not regret. He went to the centre and he was given an opportunity to study.

Vedaste studied carpentry, welding, construction & electrical skills and graduated in 2009. After graduation he was able to get jobs in all the obove mentioned skills. At the moment, he has a small carpentry workshop. He is able to take care of himself, and helping some of the members of the family. Vedaste says, “God and ALARM are the keys to my success.”