Mission Trips

Short Term Mission Trips

One of the most exciting ways for churches and organizations to partner with African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries is to adopt one of our projects and actually “go” to co-facilitate it with our leaders in Africa.

We work in partnership with your team leader and the team members to pair your gifts and skills with the needs on the ground. We rely on relationship with the sending organization to organize team members.

Every year, the leadership teams in each of the countries in which we serve identify their priority needs for the upcoming year. If you are interested in serving with ALARM, we would love to discuss your skills and passions in light of the needs in the communities we serve.


Find out More

To find out more about your church or organization taking a trip with ALARM, email info@alarm-inc.org

How to Donate / Sponsor a Mission Trip

If you know of a team taking a trip with ALARM and would like to make a donation to that trip, contact the team to find out the Trip Number. Specify your trip number on your gift. If you want to make the donation to a specific individual going on the trip please specify the trip number with that person’s name with your gift. Click here to donate.