Life Changing Gifts

Honor someone special by giving a life changing gift. When you shop through the ALARM gift catalog, your gift not only brings joy to friends and family, it also transforms lives in Africa. Each gift is a contribution to the entire mission of ALARM and will be used to meet ALARM’s most pressing needs.

Imagine teaching the word of God without a Bible. Many church leaders don’t have Bibles. Others must share pages from a single Bible around their community so everyone can read the scriptures. A gift of $40 to ALARM’s general fund can purchase a Study Bible for a pastor so they can teach the life-giving transformation brought about only through the Word of God.


Women are the ones who have the most to lose due to war & disease. A gift of $40 to ALARM’s general fund can purchase a goat that will empower a woman and allow her to create income to sustain her children with food, shelter, medical care & education. It can also provide training to help these women learn leadership skills and reconcile with women from other tribes.

ALARM provides relief funds for those who have been displaced and are in different Internally Displaced People camps (IDPs). Your gift of $50 to ALARM’s general fund can help provide basic necessities such as food, tents, blankets, jerry cans, cooking pots, rice, and beans for these individuals and families in need.


At the root of ALARM’s economic empowerment initiatives is the desire to break the cycle of poverty while encouraging and facilitating reconciliation from tribal, denominational and even gender conflicts. A gift of $75 to ALARM’s general funds can purchase a pig that will not only support a family, but will also create income to sustain the family with food, shelter, medical care & education. 



ALARM is committed to equipping church and community leaders on biblical forgiveness, healing from wounds of the past, overcoming bitterness and resentment towards other tribes, and reconciling broken relationships. A gift of $75 to ALARM's general fund can enable our local African staff to continue to train their communities on reconciliation and forgiveness through forums, conferences, workshops and seminars.


Help defend the vulnerable.  ALARM is equipping African lawyers, judges, and human rights activists to address issues as diverse as mediation, biblical conflict resolution, international human rights law, servant leadership, good governance, and interfaith dialogue.  Your gift of $100 to ALARM's general fund can help an African lawyer attend an ALARM justice conference.


Since 1994 we have witnessed the life-changing transformation that occurs in communities when African pastors and community leaders are equipped and empowered to lead well. The ministry of ALARM would not be possible without the leadership and dedication of our local Africa staff that remain on the frontline. Your gift of $100 to ALARM’s general fund can help empower local ALARM staff to continue the work of training servant leaders in Africa.



ALARM Trauma healing conferences target women from various regions, tribal affiliations, and denominations who are victims of rape, trauma and abuse. Women gather for 3–7 days to obtain a sound understanding of biblical forgiveness, reconciliation, and mediation with the goal of personal application and commitment to share the information they receive. Healing is never easy, and the road to recovery is long. Your gift of $150 ALARM's general fund can help sponsor a women to attend an ALARM trauma healing conference and begin the road to recovery.


Poverty, wars, disease and poor infrastructure are among the many challenges plaguing Africa today.  But none are as detrimental as poor leadership. Greedy, corrupt leaders in Africa have long used their positions to gain wealth, stir up tribal animosity and instill fear through murder, displacement, rape and torture. For $150/day per leader, ALARM has answered the urgent call from the church and hurting communities by equipping and training leaders in the biblical and culturally relevant principles of servant leadership, good governance, mentorship, diversity appreciation and community initiatives.